Meeting with the FC Dynamo Kyiv players Tomasz Kendziora and Benjamin Verbich

As you know, on December 10, 2018, International Football Day was celebrated. The official fan club of FC Dynamo Kiev on this significant date organized a meeting with the players of Dynamo Kyiv, Tomasz Kendziora and Benjamin Verbich. As it turned out, Tomasz and Benjamin, have a great sense of humor, this is precisely what charged the hall with a truly ... Детальніше


Parafan Club Dynamo To Visit Kharkiv City To Watch Shakhtar — Dynamo Match

On November 3, 2018, the Ukrainian “classic” Shakhtar - Dynamo took place in Kharkiv. In a tense and combat game, the Donetsk team celebrated the victory, despite the fact that the score did not reflect the events on the field. As it was, we offer to look in our gallery. 1. When you enter the city, everything is decorated with an advertisement ... Детальніше


Parafan club Dynamo in Prague on the match Slavia — Dynamo

On the match Slavia - Dynamo, our Kiev club did not remain without the support of the Parafan club! In addition to the match itself, the Parafan Club honored the memory of Jan Palach and other worthy people of the Czech Republic. The Czechs do not forget the entry of Warsaw Pact troops into the Czech Republic in 1968, although it has been 50 years ago. ... Детальніше


03/08/2018, Olympic NSC. How it was: Parafan club on the match Dynamo – Shakhtar

Photo report about visiting of Dynamo - Shakhtar match. The victory in this intense match was celebrated (once again) by Dynamo Kyiv with a score of 1:0. The only goal in the match scored Verbich. By the way, it was one of the most visited matches of the championship. About 50 000 spectators watched the event at the stadium! Детальніше


Parafan club Dynamo visited meeting of Dynamo fans with Dynamo players

On the first day of August, on the eve of the match against Shakhtar, the players of Dynamo Kiev met with the fans, in a cozy, friendly atmosphere to chat and answer the questions of interest. In addition, the fans had the opportunity to get autographs of players and to be photographed with the Super Bowl. This time the meeting with the fans was held by ... Детальніше


Parafan’s visiting Odessa to support FC Dynamo Kyiv for Super Cup of Ukraine FC Dynamo Kyiv — Shakhtar.

July 21 was the match of the Super Cup of Ukraine Dynamo - Shakhtar. The victory was celebrated by FC Dynamo Kyiv with the score 1:0. Buyalsky scored the winning goal! Parafan club did not stay aside and arranged for the departure to Odessa for this principled duel. UPD: Video report 1. Walk along the adjacent territory of the Chernomorets ... Детальніше


Parafan club visited the presentation of a new kit for Dynamo from New Balance

July 18, 2018 was a presentation of a new kit for FC Dynamo Kiev from the American company New Balance. The beginning of the presentation puzzled the visitors with a brief rain, during which the presentation took place. The rain stopped shortly after the end of the official presentation of the new kit by each player of our team and the start of an open ... Детальніше

FC Dynamo Kyiv official club YouTube channel to make video about Parafan club Dynamo!

FC Dynamo Kyiv official club YouTube channel to make video about Parafan club Dynamo: The history about unique club project which has allowed unique fans to join to the football atmosphere. Детальніше


Happy Birthday, Vladyslav!

Our congratulations to the coordinator of Parafan club of FC Dynamo Kiev Vladislav Platonenko on his birthday! We wish you success, health, and, of course, the victories of your beloved club! Parafans Детальніше


Happy New Year 2018, Dear Friends!

We sincerely congratulate the members of the Parafan Club of FC Dynamo Kiev on a wonderful holiday - New Year 2018! In the New Year we wish you happiness, well-being, peaceful sky and, of course, excellent health! And, of course, we to wish our club to win in European and on the home competitions! Champions, on holiday! Parafan Club FC ... Детальніше