Great interview on Dynamomania: “Parafan-club Dynamo”: moving forward with the times”

This fall, Parafan-club “Dynamo” turns four years old.

For these four years, Parafan-club went along with Dynamo through the seasons, where everything was: the long-awaited championship of the native club, the qualification to the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, the successes in the Europa League …

To your attention – a great interview of the head of Parafan-club FC Dynamo Kiev Vladislav Platonenko, as well as our permanent members – Chuiko’s family.

– For each fan the new season is a time of hopes and expectations. At the same time, it is an opportunity to look back, to sum up what has been done. Moreover, for our Parafan-club last year turned out to be active and full. Living in an age of high technology, we are not lagging behind the latest trends. That’s why we launched a website where you can get acquainted with the materials about the life of Parafan-club and our favorite “Dynamo” team. In addition, we have a page in the social network Facebook and a group chat in Viber, where we discuss matches and football news. But the most important for us has always been the support of the team in the stands, the opportunity to be around in the joy of victories and in the bitterness of defeats.

– Does your movement have any distinctive features?

– Yes, in order to be brighter and stand out among the fan community, we created our own attributes: banners and flags. The most important in the stands have always been and are people. Parafan club has the main core of fans attending Dynamo matches constantly, despite even the circumstances that may be associated with the health condition.

– Are you able to attend matches in other cities?

– Yes, we are together with the team not only in Kiev, but also on away matches. In particular, the members of the Parafan Club visited the final matches of the Cup of Ukraine and the Super Cup. After all, a real fan must go with the team, wherever her football destiny has brought.

– Football life is not limited to matches only. In what other club events are you participating?

– Actually, in all, which regularly organizes the Dynamo for their fans. Parafan-club with joy responds to invitations. Our representatives visited the Dynamo base in Koncha Zaspa, visited meetings with the players and coaches of the team, took part in the excursion on the home Dynamo arena – NSC Olympic. And in the near future, with the assistance of the fan club, another excursion to the UТB Dynamo is planned.

– Is your organization limited to football only?

– Of course not. We are not only interested in this. Also like to just get together and have fun. A motor boat trip along the Dnieper river was recently organized. Pleasant communication, beautiful views, good mood, almost family atmosphere. We can safely say that we are a friendly family. A family united by football and love for the club, a family that will always live in hopes of new victories of the white and blue.

One of the most active participants of the Parafan-club Dynamo is the family of Chuiko. Dmitry and Irina stood at the origins of his creation four years ago and are still in the ranks of the organization.

“We have been at the Parafan Club since the first day,” Dmitry says. – I am well acquainted with Vladislav Platonenko, we go to the same church. And when he caught on with the idea of creating such an organization, he turned to me, and also “pulled” one of our friend Grigory. With the three of us, it all began. Over time, not only the home games of the Dynamo began to visit, but also traveled to other cities, twice were in Lviv, also in Odessa, in Kharkov. In Kiev, of course, we visit every home game of the team.

– Are there any difficulties, inconveniences regarding going to football?

– Since we are not walking and moving with difficulty, the main problem is to get to the stadium.Last season, Dynamo in cooperation with Kyivpastrans for two matches allocated us a minibus. It was very convenient, because he took us from home, brought to the stadium and brought back. A total of 5-6 people gathered. But, unfortunately, this project has ceased, perhaps funding has ended. We understand that the country is in a difficult situation. And throughout the year we’ve got to the matches themselves. And this is 100 UAH per taxi in one direction. For a month the team has two home games, so you need to roll 400 UAH, and my pension is only 1300 UAH. And in this situation is everyone of us. And everything else is enough: we are provided with tickets and season tickets.

In addition to the fact that Dmitri and Irina are passionate fans of our team, they are also creative personalities: Dmitry creates mosaics made of colored glass, with his wife weaves and embroider beads, makes many other works of art. The subjects of the works are the most diverse, not only football. One of the mosaics in the form of the Dynamo letter “D” the artist presented to our fan club, and now she decorates his room.

– The head of the press center of the NSC Olympic was interested in whether it is possible to embroider the emblem of the stadium with a Dynamo logo or a football. I replied that it is possible. I’ll do it, in case if he is particularly interested, – Dmitry shares his plans for the future. “It’s good that my wife helps and inspires me.” Constantly forces what picture to make, then embroidery to sell. But I mostly give away my works. And if I sell at cost, I immediately buy materials for another. I do not want to just sit at home and sour. We try to give people some kind of joy. And there are those who, in addition to pension, have no other income, but I want to attend the matches of my favorite team. But we are not upset, everything will be fine.

– Tell us more about the mosaic you made for the Fan Club Dynamo.

– It’s made of colored glass. I wanted to timed it to a specific date – the anniversary of the founding of the Parafan club, but it turned out to be given earlier. Also, a similar mosaic in the form of a Dynamo logo was made for the president of the club Igor Surkis, it was then presented with friends to him. In addition, people order me to do mosaiks in the form of a heart or the inscription “I love you”.

Material of the magazine “Dynamo Kiev” (№4, 93)

Archive photo: Establishing of Parafan-club Dynamo in 2013



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