Para-fan club Dynamo (Kyiv) – this organization will do everything to ensure people with disabilities have been most involved in the life of the club, could attend football matches, open training, and all measures conducted by FC “Dynamo” (Kyiv ) for its fans

Para-fan club Dynamo (Kyiv) is open to all:

  1. Fans of FC Dynamo (Kyiv) with disabilities;
  2. NGOs and groups of fans with disabilities;
  3. Fan groups and organizations;
  4. Football clubs and associations;
  5. Individuals and activists;
  6. And other figures in football and social movement.

Joining Para-fan Club, you agree:

  1. Support the rights of persons with disabilities;
  2. To encourage the removal of barriers that prevent access to football for a person with disabilities;
  3. Follow the guidelines for improving access for people with disabilities;
  4. Defend the rights of fans with disabilities;
  5. Enjoy the match with other fans, friends;
  6. Reject all forms of discrimination on grounds of disability, age, nationality, race, ethnic origin, religion, gender and sexual orientation (including oral and written insults, moral and physical violence) in football and society.

How to join? Easy!

  1. To fill by Para-fan Club (see below);
  2. Joining Para-fan club, you agree with the goals and intentions Para-fan Club;
  3. Joining Para-fan club, you reject all forms of discrimination and support equality, socio-cultural diversity and access to football.

Fill in the form

or by contacting the coordinator Vladislav Platonenko in social networks:

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Or by contacting the fan club of FC “Dynamo” Kyiv

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