Parafan club Dynamo celebrates 5 years!

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the founding of Parafan Club Dynamo Kyiv.

Over these 5 years, Parafan Club, together with Dynamo Kyiv, has experienced victories and defeats. Cup triumphs, became champions of Ukraine, successfully performed in European competitions.
Over the years, many different events have accumulated; it is rather difficult to single out something special for this period.

So let’s remember today how the Dynamo Club Parafan started 5 years ago. Indeed, a lot of people had a hand in creating our Parafan Club. Even the stars and legends of Kiev Dynamo.

Alexander Shovkovsky – was and remains the Goodwill Ambassador Parafan Club Dynamo.

Dynamo Kyiv FC official fan club is our wings and friends led by Sergey Mikhailenko

Alexander Ostapa – you can say our motivational mentor, who, together with the CAFE organization (the Center for access to football in Europe), put a lot of effort into the development of the Parafan Club

Vladislav Platonenko – coordinates our movement.

And many others peoples!

Congrats to all of us!




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