Parafan Club Dynamo Holds 8th Annual CAFE Week of Action #TotalAccess

During the annual CAFE Spring Action Week, a departure from the city of Kyiv to the city of Dnipro was organized, where they attended a match of the 20th round of UPL between the teams Dnipro1 / Dynamo (Kyiv), at the stadium Dnipro-Arena, met and talked to football fans with disabilities of SC Dnipro1 , shared a photo with them.

The Parafan Club is pleased to welcome you on an excursion to the NSC “Olympic”. During the excursion, guests strolled through the Olympic Courtyard, which is one of the brightest corners of the sports complex, inspecting the accessibility of football matches for people with disabilities. They also made excursions into the long history of the stadium, felt the spirit of the game in the changing rooms of FC Dynamo (Kyiv) players, experienced the true emotions of the players, climbed the players tunnel to the field, appreciated the beauty of NSC “Olimpiyskiy” from the inside, visited the stadium bowl the heights of the second tier, which offers a breathtaking view and took a photo of the memory. A new banner and Parafan Club flag were presented at the event. Everyone who came has immersed themselves in the history of the legendary stadium and learned a lot about the NSC Olympic.

The Parafan Club also visited the match of the 21st round of UPL between the teams Dynamo (Kiev) / Kolos (Kovalivka). CAFE banner was hung on the podium, they made a memorable photo.
Dynamo (Kyiv) defeated Colossus (2-0).

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