Parafan club Dynamo in Prague on the match Slavia — Dynamo

On the match Slavia – Dynamo, our Kiev club did not remain without the support of the Parafan club!

In addition to the match itself, the Parafan Club honored the memory of Jan Palach and other worthy people of the Czech Republic. The Czechs do not forget the entry of Warsaw Pact troops into the Czech Republic in 1968, although it has been 50 years ago. In Prague these days there is a special exhibition on the topic of totalitarianism. Parafan Club laid flowers and lighted the lamp in the place of self-immolation of Jan Palach and Jan Zaiits. The Czechs, who were present at the Warsaw Square, were very upset. Tour guides told not only about the outstanding Czech people, but also about the Ukrainian Vasily Makukh, who committed a sacrificial self-immolation act on Khreshchatyk in solidarity with the people (then) of Czechoslovakia. This year the name of Vasily Makukha in Prague is called the bridge.

Thus, fans of the Parafan club FC Dynamo Kyiv showed that we are rivals on the field and the stands of the stadium, and beyond the borders – friendly peoples.

Also, a yellow and blue ribbon was placed near the monument to the revered Czechoslovak president Tomas Masaryk.

After the match, Czech fans with great respect spoke about our club “Dynamo”.

By the way, in the photo – it’s not just embroidered. This ornament, specially designed and dedicated to the glorious Ukrainian artist L. Ogneva, Jan Palach and Jan Zaiits.






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